11th April 2019

Muktadhara – Banga Sanskriti Bhawan, Gole Market, New Delhi

We at Work: Young India | #ilo100

Josh Talks and ILO come together as part of ILO’s centenary Global tour celebration.
24 countries in 24 hours talk about our rapidly changing world of work.
On April 11, Josh Talks and ILO will host an event that captures the
hearts and minds of young Indians, their working lives, desires, and dreams.


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21st January 2019

Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, Janpath, New Delhi

The Citizens’ Townhall

India will witness over 130 million first time voters in the 2019 elections. In a setting like this, our conversations require to be centered around how to impart voter awareness and civic responsibility amongst the citizens. This emerges from the intrinsic beliefs of electoral ethics which are the foundation of a vibrant democracy.


Over the coming 2 months, we’re coming to 15 cities across the country to initiate a dialogue that will flourish change. Through our panels – we bridge the gap between our diverse, impactful community and leaders who implement the change.

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10th May 2019

Cowrks, Paras Twin Towers, Golf Course Road, Gurugram

Yes Democracy!

As citizen’s of the world’s largest democracy, we have the power to set the agenda of governance rather than letting it be set by parties constrained by electoral cycles.


This election season, we’re launching a campaign to ensure that QUALITY PUBLIC EDUCATION and UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE remain on top of the election agenda.
This election season, let’s vote for free quality education & healthcare as they are pillars for the inclusive and holistic development of the country and its people.

Oxfam India and Josh Talks are coming together on 10th of May to celebrate the election carnival at CoWrks, Golf Course Road, Gurugram!

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